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Capturing beauty and moments can be done in many ways. You can experience it simply by being there and taking in all that you can see, feel and hear.

You can write about it in stories or poems, cut intricate forms in stone and some people take the time to capture scenes in paintings.

I prefer to capture and share beauty by using my camera. To me, photography is the perfect way to capture not only the physical, visible details of a place but also a glimpse of the atmosphere and vibe.

Combined with the right state of mind, even lets you loose yourself in the moment and lead you back in time.

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some beautiful castles 

Build me a castle with your love, I’ll protect it with our memories. (Ajay Kumar)

Majestic hallways, staircases, decorated walls, and high ceilings. Key ingredients that give castles their mysterious yet romantic vibe. During my many trips I have encountered castles that were still filled with furniture that made it feel like visiting a museum. But also castles that where completely empty and derelict with heavily decorated walls and ceilings painted with gorgeous frescos. However, I have also explored castle ruins that almost seem to be held together by the ivy and trees that grow inside of them. For me, it is this last kind of place, that always seems to steal a piece of my heart.

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